What’s in a Name?

I found myself thanking a listing client last week for characterizing my pricing recommendation/strategy as being “sage” advice. My gratitude came from his connecting the name “Sage” with wisdom, as I’m not sure that everyone actually makes that connection (as opposed to a bush, herb or color).

Ten years ago, Jeff and I were brainstorming over possible names for our new brokerage company. We wanted the name to embody the unique value that we felt we could deliver to our clients. Jeff suggested “Sage.” After wondering why on earth we would name the company for a western plant, the lightbulb came on (duh) and…I got it! The rest, as they say, is history. We moved forward naming the company Sage based in this definition:

Sage (sāj) – n. One who is regarded for wisdom, experience and sound advice.

Both as a company as individual agents, we strive every day to be worthy of this definition in the eyes of our clients.