Pick up the Phone!

Pick Up The Phone!

There is a clear trend among real estate agents to replace phone conversations with more time-efficient ways of communicating between each other. Examples include email & text, electronic posting of information and outsourced scheduling of showings. While these shortcuts may make agents more productive, it often comes at the expense of effectiveness for the client.

We believe that an agent’s job is to promote the interests of the client at every opportunity; each agent-to-agent communication should have the objective of advancing the position of that client. The communication medium matters; the choice should be strategic and made for the benefit of the client (not for the convenience of the agent). There are, of course, situations where a simple text message, a well-crafted email or even silence is a better strategy than a phone conversation. A savvy agent, however, as an advocate for the client, understands the potential value of engaging an opposing agent in real-time (phone) dialogue, rather than seeking to avoid it because he is too busy to be bothered.

From the initial contact about a property, through negotiation, inspections and closing, a skillful agent uses conversation as a tool to build rapport, establish credibility (and likability) for himself and his client. Artfully engaging an opposing agent through conversation invariably yields valuable information (including that conveyed by tone and inflection) about a property or her client that would not otherwise be disclose in a text or email. Often, rapport and credibility established through conversation can propel a buyer-client to the front of the line in a competitive “seller’s market.” Of course, the more experienced, tactical and articulate agents have the advantage… if they pick up the phone.