Smile – You’re on Camera!

If you are a buyer touring a home, be careful of what you say and do; the seller (or the listing agent) may be watching, listening or recording. That’s right, the nanny cam, security camera or other audio and video devices may be active in a home during a showing, watching and listening to what […]

Understanding Seller Disclosure Requirements

Anyone who has bought or sold a home in Georgia is familiar with the Seller Property Disclosure Statement. This multi-page checklist is designed to help sellers disclose to buyers known property defects, as required under Georgia law. The comprehensiveness of the form gives the impression that Georgia imposes a high disclosure standard on Sellers. The disclosure […]

Atlanta Ranked Third in Failed Real Estate Contracts

A recent Bloomberg article, citing a Trulia report, ranked Atlanta as third in the nation for real estate contracts failing to close. The Report indicates that, in 2016, nearly 11% of Atlanta real estate contracts fell through. This is nearly three times the 3.9% national average (the rate for Sage clients is less than 5%) […]

The Guaranteed Sale Program Gimmick

Most of us are familiar with Realtor ads that go something like “I guarantee I’ll sell your home in 60 days or I’ll buy it from you.” Everyone reading this post intuitively knows that these guaranteed sales programs (or GSPs) come with fine print. So what’s the deal? A GSP is, in reality, a lead […]

How Accurate is a Zestimate?

All of us are familiar with; perhaps the most popular real estate information web site. In addition to showing active home listings, Zillow shows publically accessible information (such as age, size, taxes and features) on homes not on the market. Included with this information is a “Zestimate” – a home value estimate derived using […]

Pick up the Phone!

Pick Up The Phone! There is a clear trend among real estate agents to replace phone conversations with more time-efficient ways of communicating between each other. Examples include email & text, electronic posting of information and outsourced scheduling of showings. While these shortcuts may make agents more productive, it often comes at the expense of […]

What’s in a Name?

I found myself thanking a listing client last week for characterizing my pricing recommendation/strategy as being “sage” advice. My gratitude came from his connecting the name “Sage” with wisdom, as I’m not sure that everyone actually makes that connection (as opposed to a bush, herb or color). Ten years ago, Jeff and I were brainstorming […]