Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down

Last spring and summer witnessed a home buying frenzy in the most popular north metro Atlanta neighborhoods and school districts.  Going into 2013, buyer demand for homes in these areas was steadily increasing, while home inventory was at a record low.  In spring and summer, demand swelled as families entered the market, determined to be […]

Have a Killer Day!

A recent and horrifying home inspection left our seller-client stunned and an unwitting buyer losing a good house that she really wanted. Yes, this is a shocking story about a questionable home inspector. More importantly, the story provides insight into consumer perceptions of real estate agents and the problems that a lack of trust and […]

Home Marketing 1-2-3

Last week’s post questioned the value of open houses as a marketing strategy. Comments from readers raised the question: what does get a home sold? Real estate agents will tell you all the cool things they will do to market your home. Many of the tactics (like open houses) are less about selling your home […]

Do Open Houses Sell Homes?

Short Answer: No; agents hold open houses primarily to self-promote and to meet prospective buyer clients. In working with a new listing client, the question “do you hold open houses” invariably comes up. After discussing the pros and cons of Open Houses, we let our clients decide if it’s something that they really want us […]

The Government Shutdown and Home Loans

Although most new loans can be taken out regardless of this so-called Government shutdown, underwriting issues may appear as IRS and Social Security offices will be severely under-staffed.  Anyone who has recently purchased a home knows that the underwriting process is more akin to an audit than, well, underwriting.  It will be very difficult, if […]