Smile – You’re on Camera!

If you are a buyer touring a home, be careful of what you say and do; the seller (or the listing agent) may be watching, listening or recording. That’s right, the nanny cam, security camera or other audio and video devices may be active in a home during a showing, watching and listening to what […]

Understanding Seller Disclosure Requirements

Anyone who has bought or sold a home in Georgia is familiar with the Seller Property Disclosure Statement. This multi-page checklist is designed to help sellers disclose to buyers known property defects, as required under Georgia law. The comprehensiveness of the form gives the impression that Georgia imposes a high disclosure standard on Sellers. The disclosure […]

Atlanta Ranked Third in Failed Real Estate Contracts

A recent Bloomberg article, citing a Trulia report, ranked Atlanta as third in the nation for real estate contracts failing to close. The Report indicates that, in 2016, nearly 11% of Atlanta real estate contracts fell through. This is nearly three times the 3.9% national average (the rate for Sage clients is less than 5%) […]