The Secret Buyer Agent Bonus

The real estate industry sanctions a number of dubious practices that most agents would rather not discuss.  One of the more egregious practices is a buyer’s agent quietly accepting a commission bonus offered by the seller to induce that agent to sell the seller’s home to her buyer client.  In most cases, the buyer doesn’t […]

Undies in the Jeans Drawer

Monica (my Associate) and I recently had a follow-up meeting with a prospective listing client to discuss pricing strategy. In the meeting, the (now) client wanted us to list the home at a price that was almost 20% above what we believed the home would likely sell for. Although he pretty much agreed with our […]

Five Unconventional Real Estate Insights

For some time, clients and friends have been encouraging us to write a blog.  Recognizing that we have some valuable “on the ground” real estate experiences to share, and perhaps a bit of “Sage” wisdom to impart, we are excited to begin publishing this (more or less) weekly blog. Sage is unique in the metro […]